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Hi make-up addict out there~
Hope you all have a great December so far :)

So today I will give you a swatch and a little review about my another favorite eyebrow product (again).
 It's Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium!

I know I already made some eyebrow products post, but I'm so into eyebrow products lately and there are many I would like to share with you :)

This is my very first post about Elf Cosmetics by the way, but I actually have tried many Elf Cosmetics products before.
I decided to write about this because this is probably my favorite product from Elf Cosmetics, beside their baked blush.

Elf Cosmetics have No Animal Testing policy :)

As you might already know that this eyebrow kit is their Studio Line, so it came out with black packaging instead of white. I believe white packaging is for their Essential line. CMIIW. In the box, we can clearly read what the ingredients and other required information.

When I open the box, I can feel the plastic packaging it has. It is actually not a cheap plastic but very sturdy yet strong. Very good packaging for an affordable price.

I choose the Medium shade because in my opinion it will match my reddish-brown hair. It will not too light nor to dark. It also came with a dual-ended brush, angled brush in one side and blending brush in other side. The quality of the brush is average, I still can use it when I can not find my eyebrow brush. It just too small for my grip.

So here are the swatches for this Elf Cosmetics Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium. The pigmented gel does a pretty good job, especially after I set it with the powder. It stays in my eyebrow from 7 am until 7 pm.

Left is Gel, Right is Powder

Gel and Powder blended

Overall, it such a great affordable eyebrow product! Moreover, now Elf Cosmetics have their own official website here in Indonesia. You definitely can purchase this Eyebrow Kit in Elf Cosmetics Indonesia website for Rp.85k :)

Have you ever try Elf products?
What products do you love the most?

Thank you for reading!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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