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Today I'll write a post about Emina Pop Rouge Pressed Eyeshadow in Nude. I bet all of you heard of Emina Cosmetics before! We all know that Emina Cosmetics is Wardah and Makeover sister brand targeted for teenager. All of their product came with colorful concept and cute design.

I actually bought Emina Pop Rouge Pressed Eyeshadow and Creme de la Creme Lipstick, but I will write about the eyeshadow first and then their lipstick in my next post ^^


Product Name : Emina Pop Rouge Pressed Eyeshadow

Shade : Nude

Net Weight : 3.3 grams

Bought at : Sociolla.com

Price : IDR 39.5k


I bought this Emina Eyeshadow at Sociolla.com, just because they do not have store near my house and I really want to try it. I personally really like the cute and colorful packaging, I really love all of their packaging!

The eyeshadow have the same shape as Wardah eyeshadow, it came in transparent plastic packaging and don't have any plastic seal, instead it have cardboard as a sealer. You can just slide the cardboard to pop up the eyeshadow trio~

I love the design they printed on the cardboard, there also product information printed on it. You can find the product name, shade, batch number, expired date, ingredients, and the manufacturer.

The transparent plastic packaging is pretty sturdy and good. The design is so cute and pretty. The eyeshadow came with sponge applicator, the sponge is good and can packed the eyeshadow well. I usually use it for touch up.

Indoor Swatches

Outdoor Swatches

I picked the Nude shade because, of course, it's natural and I can use it daily. The eyeshadow have three colors, champange, peacy pink, and brown. All with shimmer! If you're not really into shimmery and glittery eyeshadow this might be not for you.

All the color have great pigmentation, I just barely touch the eyeshadow and they can give an intense color even without the eye primer. The champagne color really good for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes and also all over the face.

Here are the picture of my look using Emina Pop Rouge Pressed Eyeshadow in Nude.


I think this eyeshadow is great since it's so affordable and really pigmented. All the colors are beautiful for daily look, they tend to have many fall out so you might want to do the eyes before your foundation routine. Always make sure you tap the excess before applying on to your eyelid. Overall, this might not be the best local eyeshadow, but it's a good product and also affordable. You definitely have to try it ^^

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. Wah kak chacha ini mirip makeover enchanting nude spell, cuma champagne nya ini lebih shimmery :)

    1. Iya ya? Aku nggak punya yg enchanting nude spell. Makeover aku punyanya yg Black Goddiva tapi nggak suka teskturnya. Makanya nyobain Emina yang lebih murah :p

      Thank you for reading, Dira^^

  2. Setelah baca review ini aku jadi tertarik buat nyobain emina seri ini
    ternyata warnanya oke banget ya buat sehari hari
    dan so pigmented

    1. Iya, warnanya pigmented banget dan harganya murah. hehehe^^

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. Kaaaak chaa , bikin tutor yg purple dong hehe ..