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Hi all makeup junkie out there~
This would be my second blog post for today and I still write about another LA Girl products.

LA Girl HD Pro Conceal is definitely my Holy Grail concealer for any makeup look.
Now I have three shades as my favorite shades and would like to share my review with all of you :)

I remember trying this concealer about six or seven months ago.
At that time I was very upset every time I bought concealer because most of them are hard to blend and tend to crease in my face.
After that, I watched many Youtuber craving this LA Girl HD Pro Conceal. There are also many good review about it.

So this concealer came with a transparent tube packaging with a brush.
I love the packaging that came with a brush because it makes me easier to apply the product on to my face.
But I have to be careful not to squeeze too much products.

So I have three shades in Classic Ivory, Natural and Toast.
The Natural shades above is my second tube, I repurchase it because I just really love love it.
I usually use the Classic Ivory or Natural to brighten up my under eyes area, and Toast to contour my face.

Classic Ivory, Natural and Toast freshly applied
Classic Ivory, Natural and Toast after blended using ring finger
I love this products because they are so easy to blend and do not crease in my face.
They also have many shades for any kind of skin tone, you will definitely find some shades fit your skin tone perfectly.
I just really love it and would repurchase it over and over again.

Have you ever try this LA Girl HD Pro Conceal?
What is your HG concealer?

Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. Uh! Dilihat dari swatch-nya keliatan ini conceal nempel and gampang ngeblend ya ^^
    New post, dikomen say >>

  2. I just bought this concealer today and I haven't try it, the shade I pick is look too orange in the tube. Oh well, it's so hard to choose concealer and foundation online, even I already search the review (;___;)

    1. Yes it is hard to choose the shade online.
      Hope the shade matches you well, cause this concealer is so great!

      Thank you for visiting dear :)