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Hello everyone!

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Today I write the post about one of the best local brand eyeshadow IMO. I've been really loving this eyeshadow quad since the first time I bought it. It is an Inez Color Contour Plus Eyeshadow Collection in the shade Venice. Such a mouthful name~

Product Info :

Product Name : Inez Color Contour Plus Eyeshadow Collection

Shade : Venice

Net Weight : 4 x 1.5 grams

Bought at : DanDan

Price : IDR 42k

Product Review :

I personally do not like the color of its packaging, It is just not my favorite color, but apparently all Inez makeup packaging came with this kind of blue color. But I like the shape of the packaging since it is slim enough to fit in the makeup pouch.

This eyeshadow quad came with a sponge, I don't really use it tough because I prefer to use brush than sponge. But sometimes I use the sponge to apply the inner corner.

I totally fell in love with this eyeshadow once I tried to swatches it onto my hand. OMG the colors are so pigmented and smooth. They tend to have many fall out, but I really don't mind it because the colors are pop out pretty well even without eyeprimer. Of course an eyeprimer is a must if you have an oily eyelid like mine, it is also can make the colors even more vibrant.

Conclusion :

To be honest, I don't really expect much from this eyeshadow quad. But it turns out amaze me that our local brand have this pretty good eyeshadow. TBH, I like it better than my Sariayu eyeshadow. I really like the pigmentation and the colors they have in this Venice shade. The downside is that the eyeshadow quad really powdery and falling out everywhere, so they gonna hit pan in no time. It is also quite hard for me to find Inez products around my house. I only can find it on DanDan store.

Lastly, here are my eotd using this eyeshadow quad that I post on Instagram :)
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Well then, 'till I see you again ladies :)
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. aku juga punya eyeshadow ini, suka banget sama kualitasnya. Tapi kurang suka sama packaging birunya itu T_T

    1. Iya aku juga sukaaa banget :)
      Iya packaging birunya emang gak bagus ya. hehehe

  2. ini pigmented banget ya cha... aku ada yang (gatau serinya) isinya item--abu--perak---sama putih sih, itu buat ngisi alis (jadi badayyy)

    aku nggak ngehnya packagingnya, jadul aja hihihi

    (aku follow blogmu lho, may you can follow me back) thankiss :**

    1. Iya ini pigmented banget seriusan, aku aja sampe kaget pas pertama kali swatch.
      Shade kesukaan aku yang ini sih, belum pernah beli shade lain^^

      Thank you for following my blog.
      I'll folback yours right away!