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Hello again ladies^^

I'm back with another Catrice Cosmetics makeup review, hope you don't mind.

This time I will post about Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Base. Let's jump right in!


Name : Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Base -  Mattifying, Longlasting, Oil-Free

Net Weight : 30 ml

Bought at : Guardian

Price : around IDR 70K (if I'm not mistaken)


I believe Catrice have two kind of face primer. One in this white tube, and the other one in the light pink tube. I bought this Catrice face primer since I always need mattifying primer for my T-zone, and I always need mattifying primer for my T-zone no matter what *lol*

This primer came in the white tube with black cap, the tube looks so sleek and slim. Personally I think the packaging have great quality, its so sturdy compare to its affordable price

You can have full control of how much product you want to release the product since it have tiny hole. Just make sure you don't release to much. Press the tube gently^^

This face primer have white color to it, but it will blend into transparant and won't leave any white cast on the face. A good thing for every selfie lover, right?

Texture wise, this primer really have gel like consistency. It blended nicely and without being too slippery like any other mattifying primer. It blur my pore and also help my oily T-zone pretty well. You also don't have to worry about getting your face cakey, since this primer will not do that to you.


Are you hunting for affordable and great mattifying primer? If so, you definitely have to try this product. So far, I always impress with any Catrice product that I bought and tried because they really have great product with great price^^ This face primer particularly. I always use it since the very first time I got it. I also use it on my client and they always love the result. Overall, I love this primer because it don't feel like any other mattifying and silicone-y primer I've ever tried before.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha^^

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  1. Aku beli juga tapi yang versi satunya lagi yang warna pink
    emang bagus sukak banget sama primernya catrice

    1. Yang warna pink bagus ya?
      Uh, aku kehabisan dimana-mana sold out :(

  2. I would love to try this!