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This post would be my first post after I came back from Frankfurt. I have one topic left to share with everybody and it is about Heidelberg! Yeay!

Heidelberg famous for its Castle, Old City, University and Neckar River. This small city is just about one hour away from Frankfurt city. As I explained in my previous post, I went to Frankfurt for work back in February and it was such a very good opportunity for me to go there again for the second time.

Last day in Frankfurt, we got a reward to go to Heidelberg. One night before, we have to book the tour first before we go in the next day. We booked the tour assisted by the concierge of Sheraton Hotel. Yes it is very easy to book the tour because we can book it everywhere.

The next morning, we have to wait the driver at the Sheraton Lobby. He then came at 8am and pick us up to their office downtown. The driver is so friendly and he can explain whatever you asked about the city. We then arrived at the Office, and we have to pay 74 euro per person, and 10 euro for the pick up fee.

Green Line Tours offers so many city tours around the City and outside Frankfurt City

We then have to wait all the passenger before we took a bus to Heidelberg. We depart at 09.44 and arrived at 11.08 in Heidelber. Our Tour Guide is Jake and Tony, both of them so damn friendly and funny. Tony is the one that drive the bus and Jake is explain a lot about Frankfurt city and Germany along the journey to Heidelberg. Seriously, we got so much knowledge about Frankfurt city by that day. Also, you can ask Jake whatever you want, you also can ask him to help you check your flight schedule. Such a kind and helpful tour guide.

At Heidelberg, Jake then gave us the ticket to explore the castle. But before we went inside, Jake take us to the Castle Balcony where we could see the Heidelberg city from top. Such a beautiful sight!

Heidelberg from the Castle Balcony

Outside the Castle

Jake then take us inside the Castle and he said that we have to keep our ticket save in our pocket because it would be our ticket to ride a train later. Inside the Castle, we can see beautiful architecture. The sight is just so beautiful.

Wine Grinder

Jake and Wine Barrel

Inside the castle, we can find two kind wine barrel. First one is huge wine barrel and the second one is very huge wine barrel. The second wine barrel was really big and there is also a ladder for us to go around it. Too bad I could not take a good picture because the room is so dark.

After see the wine barrel, Jake then give us a time to visit the Museum of Pharmacy inside the Castle. I manage to take some picture inside the Museum.

Finished with the Museum, we then took a walk into the Train Station. We will take the Train down to go to the Marketplace and Town Hall. When we arrive at the Train Station, we are welcomed by a very pretty lady. She told us that She had lived in Jakarta for four years, and She also speaks Bahasa very well. After about five minutes, the Train is coming and we follow Jake to depart to the Train.

The Rail

Inside the Train

Sight from the Train

Just about 5 minutes ride, the Train then arrive at the central Heidelberg. We get off begin to follow and listen to Jake explanation again. Jake then give us about 30 minutes to walk around the town by ourselves. By that time, I bought some souvenirs and take some picture.

Sight from the Bridge

Neckar Bridge

Church of  The Holy Spirit

Inside the Church of The Holy Spirit

Castle from the City

30 minutes is up, we then have to gather around again with Jake and go to the Bus to back to Frankfurt.

Jake explaining about Heidelberg Society in the past

The Tourist Bus

Well, that was our short one day Tour to Heidelberg City. It is very Good experience for me and I would like to go back again to visit Heidelberg when I come to Germany.

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