FRANKFURT CITY : Famous Hot Stone Meat

10:17 AM

Hello guys~

I'm posting this blog while waiting my connecting flight in Dubai.

Do you have any plan to visiting Frankfurt? If yes, you have to try the Famous Hot Stone Meat in Frankfurt.

Unfortunately, I also did not remember the name of Restaurant since it is a German name. But I can give you the direction to get there.

The Restaurant located near Römer, you just have to turn left before the Römer area. Just walk about two minutes and you can found the restataurant. To have a dinner in this restaurant, you have to book one day before. The owner will not let you eat at the restaurant because every seat already reserved.

I can say that the restaurant have a good ambience, old restaurant but really nice. We also can get the new experience by trying their Hot Stone Meat. They will give you the hot stone they burned in the oven and the raw meat. Then, you have to flip and slice the meat quickly to make it done. If you like the meat well done, you have to slice your meat very fast.

The price for this Hot Stone Meat is 24.50 euro, it is pricey tough, but you will never regret to buy it because the experience and the meat taste so damn good :)

So, happy travelling and have a good day :)

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