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Hello everyone!

How are you doing lately?
I know it's been forever since my last blogpost, couple of months back are really tough for me since I have to face my mother breast surgery and my grandfather heart surgery.
I barely have spare time to blog back then because I have to drove back and forth Bandung-Cikarang and Jakarta-Cikarang. It is also tiring because of the damn traffic jam everywhere.
Now that everything's great, I can back to write some blogpost again :)

In that hectic time, I managed to visit Dan Dan Store to look around, of course I also bought some products to try it out :)
I am so glad since Dan Dan Store have many Indonesian Makeup products, since it is so hard for me to found Indonesian Makeup brand in my neighbourhood :)
I finally can reach Inez, Fanbo, Purbasari and other Indonesian brand that I can not found in the Supermarket.

One of my haul is this Beauty Story Sweet & Chic Lipstick in Rose. I've been craving to trying this new brand since they launched their product back in February. It is interesting because Beauty Story is an Indonesian local brand, but they have girly and sweety packaging and concept. Really remind me of Korean Makeup brand.


Product Name : Beauty Story Sweet & Chic Lipstick

Shade : Rose

Net Weight : 3.8 grams

Scents : Vanilla cookies

Bought at : Dan Dan

Price : IDR 50k


It came out with white floraly box, you can see the lipstick tube from outside. But when I take out the lipstick, it is also sealed with plastic :)

I fell in love directly when I saw the packaging. Unlike other local brand, it look cute and girly. The packaging made of plastic and so light weight, but do not feel cheap.

I pick the Rose shade because it is look best when I swatched on my hand. It is like a pinky coral shade. I must to share with you that this lipstick tend to melt easily in the hot weather. I think it is acceptable since this is a creamy lipstick.

Above are the swatches on my hand and my lips. As you can see this lipstick has satin finish. It is really creamy and does not drying. When I swatched the lipstick, my lips are very dry, but the formula is still comfortable on my lips. This lipstick do not have good staying power since I have to reapply the lipstick after 2 or 3 hours. Well it is creamy lipstick anyway.

What I really love about this lipstick is the scents, they smell like vanilla cookies. Almost similar to MAC lipstick. If you do not like the vanilla scents, do not worry since it will disappear in a while.


Overall, I think this is a must try lipstick for everyone. For me, I really like the packaging and vanilla scents. It is also affordable lipstick with good color selection for daily look. It is also can be found easily. But I do not really like it because it tend to melt easily in the tube and on my lips.

So that's all for today's post. Have you ever tried Beauty Story Product?
What's your favorite?

See you again and have a good day!

XOXO - Chacha :)

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