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Hello everyone~
It's been almost a month since my last blogpost.
I'm more into baking lately and I can not have enough time to write a post. My Bad.

Today I write a post about my favorite Makeup Brushes of all time, Real Techniques!
I bought this Sculpting Set couple months ago and I really love it.
I bought it because I do not have any sculpting brushes before and I would like to try it since I really love my other Real Techniques Brushes :)


Product Name : Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Bought at :

Price : IDR 289k


The Sculpting Set have three brushes for contouring and defining facial features. First it have the Sculpting Brush that have wide angled head to create the define contour on the cheeck bones or even on the temple and forehead. Second, it have Fan Brush that was exclusive brush to softly sweep on powder and excess makeup, or in my case I also use it to apply highlighter sometimes. Third, It also have the Setting Brush for apply the setting powder or highlighter. They all are sintetic bristles and have the metalic hot pink color and black rubber on their handle. I love the color so much :)

The Sculpting brush are really soft and dense, I usually use it to apply the powder or cream to contour my cheek. I also use it to blend the concealer under my eyes or even to apply foundation all over my face. I think this brush is really multitasking and can do many jobs done shamelessly. I fell in love~

The Fan Brush is the exclusive brush on the set. The bristles are so soft and can sweep the excess makeup pretty well. I also use it to apply highlighter if I'm in the mood of natural glowy look.

The Setting Brush also can do many jobs. It can set the under eye area, It can buff the concealer, apply highlighter, I can even use it to blend my eyeshadow. I love the brush so much :)


I really recommend this Sculpting Set if you search for the contouring and multitasking brush. The quality of the brushes are really good and will never have a aal out even you wash it over and over again. I'm in love with all these brushes from the pixiwoo sisters :)

So what are your favorite affordable brushes?
Let me know so I can try it :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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