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Hai ladies~
It's been forever since I update my blog.
There are many things happened in the past two months and I barely have my spare time.

So, today I'm back with another post about makeup.
I've been using this eyeshadow palette for about three months now and would like to share it with you.

Product Info :

Product Name : Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette

Shade : Au Naturel

Net Weight : 1.1 grams each

Bought at :

Price : IDR 150k

Product Review :

I must say that I really love eyeshadow palette, I love to see many kind of colors in one place. lol~ So I bought this eyeshadow palette because there are many good reviews about it. I pick the Au Naturel because I want to use it for my daily look :)

This eyeshadow palette came with a black box as the packaging, there are description printed on the box. I think the design of the box is just ordinary.

The eyeshadow came with the black typical sleek packaging. I must say that the palette is looks professional and good. But unfortunately, it got dirty easily. Which is no good.

There are 12 colors eyeshadow with an earthy and natural tone. It is really easy to use it as daily look or even pull it off as an smokey eyes makeup. The eyeshadow also came with plastick shield with every shade names. I really hate the fact that its printed on the plastic because I might losing it and forgot the names. Duh~

There are many beautiful colors in this palette, but unfortunately the lighter shades do not pigmented enough. It barely show when I swatch it on my hand. I also can not see the difference of each colors when I apply it on my eyelid. The darker colors have good pigmentation, but the glitter are fall out everywhere. Afterall, I still love the Conker and Taupe from this eyeshadow palette.

Conclusion :

I bought this eyeshadow palette with high expectation, but it kind of let down because the lighter shades are barely shoes when I swatch it both in my hand and my eyelids. I can not tell the differences between any color at all. It's so sad because there are many good review about Sleek eyeshadow quality. I hope that I just got the bad batch because I really want to try another Sleek eyeshadow pallete.

Have you ever try any Sleek eyeshadow pallete?
Please share your experience on the comment :)

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  1. Sleek ini buatan PRC ya, Cha. bagus lihat warnanya (ketjeh-ketjeh) tapi sayang nggak cetar gitu beberapa (padahal lihat di olshop tetangga jadi ngiler akunya)

    1. Iya buatan PRC, warnanya bagus-bagus dan affrodable banget.
      Tapi ya ada beberapa warna yang nggak pigmented.
      Buat harga segitu sih worth the money koq ^^