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Hello girls!

It's me again with another beauty post^^
Today, I'll write about Lip Tint : Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in the shade Strawberry Ade^^

Without any further do, let's start!


Product Name : Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint

Shade : Strawberry Ade

Bought at : Online (,, Shops on IG and many more)

Price : Around IDR 50k - 150k


It's been a long time since I bought new lip tint. To be honest, I can't remember when the last time I use lip tint. I used to love using lip tint everyday since maybe four years ago, but it changes when liquid lipstick came out. Lol~

One day, I realize that my HG lip tint went missing, I can't find it anywhere. Not in my makeup drawer nor in my pouch or bag. Since lip tint always have special place in my heart, I decide to buy a new one!

Talking about korean makeup, I usually buy it online. All the time. Since the price is more reasonable and cheaper than in the official counter here in Indonesia. My favorite online shop is! They have the best price for korean brand, and it's 100% original.

That day, I decided to bought three lip tints. One from Etude House, One from Tony Moly, and another one is from The Saem.

Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint came in a glass bottle. The packaging looks like a nail polish. It's also reminds me of Benefit Lip Tint. Don't you think?

I don't have many comment about the packaging, I always love Etude House packaging. It's cute and lovely! When first I received the lip tint, It is wrapped by plastic seal. There are no information printed on the plastic seal. So I just threw it away :p

When I opened the lip tint, I can feel the product really have the similar consistency as water. It's so runny and watery. I have a feeling that I might have a hard time applying it on to my lips. I'm afraid it will smear everywhere when I use it. Lol~

This lip tint applicator is smaller compare to other lip tint. But I don't have any problem using it. It can do the job pretty well and deliver the right amount of product^^

As you can see in the picture, this Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint sinks into the fine lines as soon as apply it on my hand. One little tip is to apply the product starting the very inside of the lips, then you can spread it evenly to the outside of your lips. I suggest do the blending quickly since it's so runny^^

 I picked this Strawberry Ade color because the other two lip tints that I bought only available in red color and I want a pink lip tint. The color is so pretty and looks natural on the lips. I used it everyday since I bought it and really like how the color turn out on my lips.

Regarding the staying power, I don't think this lip tint have a great staying power. It will disappear even when you drink water. It's a lip tint anyway, I don't mind applying it over and over again. Hehehe


I love this Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint and always have it in my pouch since I bought it. It really helps me whenever I want a hint of color on my lips but don't feel like wearing any lipstick. Of course I love how light it is on my lips. I also love the cute packaging. If you love wearing lip tint, you'll definitely love this one^^

Have you ever tried this Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint?
What's your thought?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha^^

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  1. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  2. Keknya aku kalau mau pakai gradient lips wajib pakai lip tint juga deh (soalnya biasa pakai liquid lipstick NYX aku mix sama LT Pro) kesannya jadi aneh ... hahahah

    thanks racunnya cha!


    1. Iya kalau gradient lips emang kayaknya mendingan pake lip tint deh.
      Kalau pakai liquid lipstick bukannya jadi 'berat' ya kesannya?

      Sama-sama, Thank you udah mampir^^

  3. packaging nya lucu kayak tempat kutek gitu XD warnanya juga cakep, tapi aku lebih penasaran water tint ini yg warna orange

    1. Iya packagingnya emang lucu banget >.<
      Aku pernah coba lip tint warna orange tapi malah jadi kelihatan kusam gitu.

      Thank you for reading, Devi^^

  4. warnanya bagus ya yang pink, cuman aku ngerasa liptintnya agak kering ya ngga teralu melembabkan, mungkin karena emang liptintnya watery kali ya :/

    1. Iya emang kering karena dia watery. Jadi harus pake lip balm lagi kalau mau melembabkan

      Thank you for reading, beki^^

    2. Iya emang kering karena dia watery. Jadi harus pake lip balm lagi kalau mau melembabkan

      Thank you for reading, beki^^

  5. Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog.

    Have a great day!

  6. Such a delicate color :)
    I followed you back as promised dear, thanks for the support!

    1. Yes it is :)
      Thank you very much for following back, Abi

  7. Nice lip gloss! I follow you back))
    My fashion blog>> Witty Sweety

    1. Thank you very much for following back, Svetlana^^