Hi 2014!

10:54 PM

Welcome 2014.

Happy New Year all :)

Since this post will be my first post for 2014, Shall we talk about last year resolutions?

2013 is such amazing year for me, many good things happen last year and I'm really thankful to have such amazing experience.

Last year, I don't really set many resolution. Despite, I only have two resolutions for 2013. First is to have a limited budget trip to South Korea, and the second is to write and share the trip with everyone. Well, visiting South Korea actually is my longtime resolution. I plan it in late 2012, and have it in 2013. Since the trip is so unforgetable and fun, share it with many people would be very great idea for me. So here it is, I am finally made a blog to write :)

Beside above two resolutions, I also had the opportunity to visit Germany for a business trip. Well, I actually have to attend Frankfurt Fair 2013 for work. But, I also have several days to look around Frankfurt. Such a beautiful city and nice experience.

Last year probably the best year for me to learn how to deal with many people. Well, most of them are my co-workers of course. But since I am not a very social person, interacting with others help me a lot to develop my self much more.

Overall, 2013 is a very good year for me. Thank God for everything.

How about this 2014?

Again, I don't really set many resolutions this year. I only want to enjoy my life and my hobbies much more than last year. Since I always love to draw, write, read, and travel, here are several things I would like to do in 2014 :
- Making some dress that I personally design, learn to sew more.
- Backpacking to many domestic destinations, so many long weekend in 2014, right?
- Having holiday abroad with my Mom
- Finish reading some books. Well I think one book a week is enough.

That's it! I hope 2014 will also bring happiness and new experience for me. Wish me luck!

Have a good year everyone!

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