4:13 AM

Hello all~~~

I'm in Frankfurt now and would like to share my experience with you.
It is actually my second time visiting Frankfurt for work and I am of course so excited to be here again.
Although I'm here for work, doesn't mean I don't having fun right?

So here it is my story to share :

Today is my fourth day here. I arrived at 5th February and have Emirates as my flight. It was not a good flight I must say, so much turbulence and I can not sleep well.
I can not go around the city on my early day here because I have to prepare for the exhibition and too tired to have a walk around the city.

So, last night is finally the time to go around the city. Together with my bosses and workmates we go to a German Restaurant downtown Frankfurt. We get off at Hauptwache Station and take a walk to Romer. Just 10 minutes walk and we finally arrived at the Restaurant.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the Restaurant name but I took some pictures. I ordered Chicken Miami that night, kind of funny because it was German Restaurant. That night, I can not order any menu because I do not eat Pork and all the German menu is Pork. But the Chicken Miami is so good, I finished it until the last bite.

After finished eating, we have a little walk around Romer and then took a train back to the Hotel.
That was the fun Friday Night in Frankfurt. I Will always want to visit this city again and again :)

Have a good weekend pals!

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