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Hi all eyeliner-lover out there~~
This would be quick review about my favorite local eyeliner.
Meet my Make Over Eyeliner Pencil!!

I have five shades of Make Over Eyeliner Pencil : Brown Latte, White Techno, Glam Gold, Navy Blue, and of course the famous Black Jack.

I really like it soft texture and how this eyeliner can glides smoothly in my eyelids, even when I use powdery eye shadow beforehand. The color is so intense and staying power is also amazing. I love this eyeliner pencil so much!

White Techno, Brown Latte, Glam Gold, Black jack, and Navy Blue
 Above picture showing Black Jack after sharpened twice. I have to re-sharpen it over and over again because the pencil is so creamy. The tip just disappear after one swipe. hahaha~

Swatch : Black Jack, Navy Blue, Glam Gold, White Techno, Brown Latte

Look at that swatches in my hand, the color is so intense and deep. This eyeliners are perfect for humid weather, you won't have any panda eyes then.

So that's it my post for today.
What is your favorite local eyeliner so far?

Thank you for reading.
XOXO - Chacha :)

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