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Hi all!
I know it's been awhile since I write a blog post, last month was a very busy month for me.
But I'm back with another lipstick swatch post.
Actually there will be many post about lip products starting with this post :)

Today I will share you a post about Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick in Brown Sugar and Strawberry Milk.
They both in satin finish.

Actually, I do not have many experience using Pixy products. I've tried they gel eyeliner and like it, but then never really bought any of their products again.

So last month, I visited DAN DAN store near my house to bought facial wipes and they happened to have many discounts for many makeup products, include many Pixy products. Then it's only took me about three seconds to decide that I have to bought these lipstick. Hahahaha~

I love the color of the packaging of course, I can not resist pink :) It came out with the box, not only covered with plastic warp which also pretty. But the lipstick itself are too bulky for me. They need extra space in my makeup pouch.

I picked these Brown Sugar and Strawberry Milk because I want natural colors for daily look.

Too Bulky isn't it?

The color pigmentation is fair enough I think. It really worth the price. It is also do not drying my lips, which I love since I have a dry lips lately.

Left is Brown Sugar, Right is Strawberry Milk

Swatch of Brown Sugar and Strawberry Milk

Overall, I like this lipstick. It glides smoothly and the color also great. I definitely not regret buying it. But I might not want to repurchase it again since there are many lipstick I really want to try out there.

Thank you for reading guys and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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