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Hello everyone~
How have you been?
It's good to be back here writing another post :)
Today I will write a post about Sariayu Duo Lip Color Krakatau 07!


Product Name : Sariayu Duo Lip Color Krakatau

Shades : 07

Net Weight : 6.50 grams & 5.50 grams

Shelf Life : Best Before 09/2019, But I think it's best using it up one year after opened

Bought at : DanDan Store

Price : IDR 99k


It's been like forever since my last post in November, many reasons make me inactive these past few months. But mostly because I stressed over somebody's judmental opinion, It's a long fight for me because I loss my focus in every aspects of my life. Thankfully I have a very wonderful husband who always calm me down everytime I break down and cry. Now, I am fully recovered by the way :)

Long story short, yesterday my sister ask me to accompany her to buy some skincare product at DanDan Store. Then, I found that they have Sariayu's new product on the display. I remember reading some blog post about Duo Lip Color and instantly pick it up for a review. I do not remember when is the last time I bought makeup, so I really excited to try the lip color and post a review about it.

Let's start!

I've never write a post about Sariayu lipstick before, so this would be my very first post about Sariayu. Actually, I've tried Sariayu Lipstick before but I never like the scents because they all have excessive bubblegum scents. It's just too much for me and I can not smell it without feeling sick. Well, it's just my preference.

I bet you all already know that this lip product is the part of Sariayu Trend Warna Krakatau 2016. The Duo Lip Color came with a cardboard and plastic packaging, the packaging looks really beautiful. Just the typical packaging of Sariayu products, I always love their packaging design :)

When I opened it, there are plastic wrap sealed the Duo Lip Color. There are also some pattern printed on the plastic wrap. But unfortunately when I opened the plastic seal, the pattern are all gone. Such a pity right? Would be nice if they printed the pattern directly on the tube because it's just too pretty to thrown away. The information about which side is Matte and Glossy also disappear along with the plastic seal :(

It's just the plain tube without the plastic seal, I love they choose gold as the color for the Duo Lip Color connector. There also brand name printed on it and some product information, we can see the net weight of each Lip Color, the Batch Number, and also the Expired Date. But unfortunately it do not have shelf life information printed on it.

At first I think it would be very difficult for me to differentiate the Lip Color, which one is matte and glossy, because the information was printed on the plastic seal. Apparently, I was wrong! There are small word pointing on each side, so you have no worries to open it one by one just to know which one is which. You can see the small word at the end of product information on the connector :)

The applicator for both Lip Color are the same, they just standard applicator with slanted side. I personally like the applicator because it can scoop decent amount of the product, not too much. It does a good job enough for me since I can line my lips perfectly with the applicator, I don't even need a lip liner.

When it comes to Sariayu products, I think we all know that they have the best pigmentation for every cosmetics products launched. I always amaze by their eyeshadow and lipstick pigmentation.
This Duo Lip Color also have great pigmentation, especially the Matte Lip Color that can cover my natural lip color just with one swipe. Let's see the swatches below!



Inside the Car



I swatched several time indoor, outdoor, and inside the car so you can see the color completely. I
chose this color because this color is natural and I can wear it everyday. It also have that kind of Kylie Jenner lip color I believe. LOL~

If I look at the swatches, I can not say that the Matte and Glossy have the exactly same color. They have a slight difference. Maybe since the finish is different? The Glossy one looks warmer and the Matte looks more cooler on my lips.

I love the texture of both Matte and Glossy Lip Color. It's weird because I never really like wearing lipgloss before, I just do not like the sticky feeling on my lips. But the Glossy Lip Color feels so light and less sticky, hence I love it. The Matte Lip Color also have a nice texture. It is not drying matte but more to the comfortable matte finish. It will give you nice matte without a dry and cracky lips after several hours.

I was surprised when I swatching the products on my lips because both of them do not have that overpower scents to it. I can stil smell the bubblegum kind of scent but not too much. I must say that the Matte Lip Color have a stronger scents than the Glossy one. Just a little bit stronger. It also lingers on my lips longer than the Glossy Lip Color did.

The staying power also pretty good, both of the Matte and Glossy Lip Color will stay beautifully as long as you do not eat anything oily. Of course the Matte one have longer staying power, I apply it at 01.00 pm and it still looks good at 07.00 pm. It is also not a transferproof matte, it transfer a little bit on the glass everytime I drink.

Do you love liquid matte lipstick or lipgloss? If yes, then you have to grab this product as soon as possible. It have many beautiful colors to choose and it is also have great quality. If you like the comfortable matte lipstick then you'll definitely like the Matte one. But do not expect the super dry matte because it is not transferproof. I can easily wipe the lipstick with baby wipes, without the makeup remover. It is also have great staying power and pigmentation too :)

In my opinion, this Duo Lip Color is the best lip product from Sariayu. I love it to the moon and back! I even bought one more color for my Mom and she likes it too. I just hope that this Sariayu Duo Lip Color will come with many more colors in the future. Maybe more nude colors? :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. Kak chacha welcome back ♡

    Aku juga mau coba ini, pilihan warnanya banyak juga ya. Emang kebanyakan kurang suka sama design nya doang yang cuma di plastik bukan di tube nya ya ^_^

    1. Thank you Dira :)
      Iya coba deh, pilihan warna merahnya juga lumayan ada beberapa shades bagus-bagus semua *-*
      Iya designnya padahal bagus.