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Today I will share the story about my short trip to Pangkal Pinang, hope you find this post helpful! About two weeks ago, my family and I visited Pangkal Pinang for vacation. Pangkal Pinang is my father's hometown and it's been a long time since we visit the city. Guess what? I amaze with the city development.

Sight from our Hotel

So we took the Rental Car from the Airport to the Hotel and it costs only IDR 60k, whick is pretty chep for 6 peoples. By the way, we use NAM Air flight from Seokarno-Hatta to Depati Amir, and it costs about IDR 300k per person. So affordable right?

We spend our first day visiting our family around the city and after that we manage to visit four beaches and some other place in Bangka Island :)

1. Rebo Beach, Sungailiat

This is our first destination because my grandma and grandpa ask for it. They happen to be in Pangkal Pinang for visiting family and vacation too. They want us to see the Temple near the beach, it was a huge buddhist temple with beautiful design. We can see many statue around the temple, and moreover we can see the beautiful sea from above :)

My Hubby <3

2. Batu Bedaun Beach, Sungailiat

Located also in Sungailiat, we visited the beach because many people said it's so beautiful. So my grandpa's friend took us there to sightseeing and enjoy the beach. This beach indeed is very beautiful with the rocks, wood dock and trees around it.

3. Tongaci Beach, Sungailiat

Tongaci Beach also located in Sungailiat. We can enjoy many watersport activity, swimming, or even see the turtle conservation here. This beach also more crowded that the other two beaches before.

4. Pasir Padi Beach, Pangkal Pinang

The beach located in Pangkal Pinang, it is 15 minutes away form our Hotel. We decided to visit the beach because it was our last day in Pangkal Pinang and we want to enjoy some seafood before go to the airport. Based on our driver, there are many restaurant near the beach and we picked Aroma Laut restaurant for lunch.

5. Bangka Botanical Garden

Bangka Botanical Garden located near Pasir Padi beach, we actually stop there before we reach Pasir Padi Beach. We managed to visit cattle farm in Bangka Botanical Garden and try their whole milk. When we arrived, we can see many tree planted beside the road, it looks like roads in Nami Island, Korea. If you love to fish, there is also fishing pond inside the Bangka Botanical Garden.

Bangka Botanical Garden, reminds me of Nami Island so much :)
Well that's all the place we visited in Bangka Island. Other than that, we just go around the city for culinary tour. Lol~ We just can't refuse the food :)

Unfortunately, we do not have many food picture since we're too busy eating. Lol~ Below is the memorable one : Otak-Otak Ase. It's so damn delicious!

Right now, I just missed the city (and the food) so bad.
I'll make sure my husband and I visit Pangkal Pinang again for our next honeymoon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice week!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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