CHIFURE LIPSTICK - 250, 517, 578

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Hi everyone~
How are you today?
Hope everything great!

Today I am back with another Japan lip product review : Chifure Lipstick in 250, 517, and 578.

If you read my previous post, you might already know that my sister just back from Japan and I forced her to brought some drugstore lipstick for me.
I asked her to bring some different shades :)

These three lipsticks I got is actually the refill, but they also have the tube to put the refill on.
I just have to put the refill on the tube and the lipstick is ready to go.

Of course I do not know what is the description on the box since it is in Japanese.
I only can read Korean because Japanese too difficult for me *LOL*

Packaging wise, I think it is pretty unique because they come with white plastic and silver color packaging.
I personally love the packaging because it is looks simple and clean.

The Tube and the refill

The shape of the lipstick is quite unique, but it is make the application become easier since there are two slanted side.
I got three shades in number 250, 517 and 578, thankfully all of them is different shades.

From Left to Right : 250, 517, 578
From Left to Right : 250, 517, 578
From Left to Right : 250, 517, 578
Here are the swatches in my hand and on my lips :)

From Left to Right : 250, 517, 578
From Left to Right : 250, 517, 578
250, mauve shade

517, peach shade

578, red shade
All of the shades have satin finish, all of them is very pretty and very comfortable on the lips.
They are not drying my lips whatsoever.

So that's it my post for today.
Have you ever try this Chifure lipstick?

Thank you for reading and have a great day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. Wah, bagus semua warnanya, belum pernah coba ini. ^^
    Nice review! New post >>

  2. Uun suka yang peach Chaaa, cuman ngga suka glossynyaaa TT