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Hi ladiess!
How have you been in this month of love?
I personally do not feeling because I've been sick for these past two weeks.
Hope you guys have a healthy and happy days always.

Today I'm back with another lip product blog post.
As you know, I've been crazy about lip product lately and tend to buy it as much as I can *LOL*

So I got this KATE CC Lip Cream from my sister because she's just back to Jakarta recently.
She spent seven month in Sapporo, Japan and I forced her to bring me some drugstore lipstick here.

Actually, It is first time for me hearing about CC Lip Cream so I am so excited to try it.

They came out with black shiny box and the description in Japanese.
When I opened the box, I can see the CC Lip Cream also came out dominated with black color with colored wording on it. It is pretty sleek in my opinion.

I never try any CC Lip Cream before so I do not know how it will be, but judging from the packaging, it really remind me of the lip balm kind of packaging.
It does feels like a lip balm though.

5.0 g lip cream per product

Left Beat Red, Right Pink Spice

Top Beat Red, Bottom Pink Spice

Top Beat Red, Bottom Pink Spice

As you can see in the swatches, it does not have intense color or pigmentation.
It just have slightly hint of color of red and pink.
The texture itself feels really similar to a lip balm, so it is very moisturizing my lips.

Overall, I just think that the CC lip cream is really good.
It does not drying my lips even after several hours like others lip balm would do.

So have you ever try this Kate CC Lip Cream?
Share your thought please.

Thank you for reading!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. Nggak cuma CC Cake, CC Cream, sekarang ada CC Lips (glossy gila ya) bagus nih buat kalau lagi kelopekan bibirnya XD


    1. Iya glossy banget, tapi bikin bibir lembab juga.
      Kayak lipbalm tapi ada hint warnanya aja sih^^