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Hello ladies~
I'm back with another post, hope you don't mind^^

I'm not writing about product review today, I'd like to name it as small talk. So today we'll talking about foundation. My HG foundation to be honest.

Do you have HG foundation? That you'll always wear everytime even though you have another one?

I do! and I can not find another foundation as great as Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. I wear MUFE HD Foundation since about two years ago, and I fell in love with it since the first time. Before that, I always use L'oreal True Match, Mac Pro Longwear or Studio Fix, or Revlon Colorstay. I also use some local brand foundation but ended up disliking it.

I also considering to buy the MUFE Ultra HD Foundation, but I can't buy it because I have to used up my second bottle of MUFE HD. The Ultra HD one also more expensive compare to this HD Foundation. So, you know? I really need more time to think about it. Hahaha.

If you ask me why I love the MUFE HD Foundation a lot. I would say it's because the shade match my skin perfectly. It's not too warm not too cool for my skin. I have neutral undertone, by the way. Neutral with a slight yellow undertone. So, I'll look like wearing a mask if I use pink or orange undertone foundation.

So lately I try to find another foundation with the exact same shade and undertone. I decide to re-purchase Revlon Colorstay Foundation since I loved the formula and also the cheap price. I did not keep my old one because the color is just too pink for me. I ask the BA to pick the shade for me, and literally beg her to match it with my neck. At that time she said the they only have the shade Golden Beige that appears similar to my MUFE HD Foundation in N120. But you know what? The shade Golden Beige did not even have similar color to MUFE HD Foundation. I swatched it on my hand and it appears to orange compare to MUFE.

The fault is mine since I did not swatch the tester and just trusted the BA. Lol~ I told myself that I still can make it works with light powder, and I was right. I still love how it stay last on my skin. Did you know that Revlon Colorstay now came out with a pump? I just knew when I bought it. The packaging also slightly different since it now have transparent black cap instead of opaque black cap.

One of the let down, beside the shade, is that the new Revlon Colorstay Foundation breaks me out. I can see many pimples on my cheeks after I use the foundation for about 4 hours. It's dissapointing because it did not break my skin two years ago. Did they change the formula? Or it's just my skin.

So that's all for today. I know this post seems too boring, telling you the story about me trying to find dupe for my HG Foundation. But I hope that it stills help you anyway, lol.

I'll try to find another color/shade dupe for my MUFE HD Foundation in N120.
I'll catcth you later once I have an update!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha^^

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  1. Waaaaah ca, baru nyadar kalo revlon udah ganti kemasan. Mungkin akhirnya didenger sama pihak sana ya kalo banyak pecinta foundie ini yang gemes sama pekejing nya yang bikin gemes? wkwk

    aku belom pernah oba MUFE, ca. Pengen sih.. tapi harganya lumayan juga yaaaaa xD

    1. Iya akhirnya didenger sama Revlon. Aku aja sampe terharu pas tahu sekarang pake pump. Hahaha.

      Emang MUFE harganya lumayan makanya aku berusaha buat nyari dupenya >.<

  2. Ih baru tahu sekarang bentukannya pump! Sayang banget, yaa, bikin breakout gitu :((
    Foundation MUFE emang my dream foundie, deh, rasanya. Ga ada yang bilang foundie MUFE jelek xD Mudah2an bisa kesampean aku punya foundienya MUFE hahaha *kokjadicurhat* :))

    1. Iya aku juga bingung kenapa sekarang jadi break out, padahal dulu pake revlon oke-oke aja.

      MUFE emang bagus sih, tapi aku juga belinya harus nabung dulu. Hehehe.

  3. aduh sayang banget dong bikin breakout! :( padahal baru dipake 4 jam. Kalo udah bikin masalah dikulit mending jangan diterusin lagi deh nanti malah tambah parah.. dan kadang emang harga berbicara ya, yang mahal kadang lebih bagus! hahahha tapi MUFE harganya emang bikin nyesek kantong sih :(

    1. Iya, padahal dua tahun lalu aku nggak break out.
      Sekarang sih foundienya udah aku kasihin ke orang lain, hehehe.
      Iya, emang harga nggak bohong.

      Thank you for reading^^

  4. Thanks so much for your visit on my blog. Of course we can follow each other, I'm following you 48:)