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I'm so excited since weekend is just around the corner^^

Today, I'll write a post about Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss. As you read on the title, this product name quite confusing right? How can it matte but also a lip gloss at the same time? Lol.

Let's just jump right in to it!


Product Name : Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Shade : Mocha & Nude

Net Weight : Each 9 grams / 0.32 oz

Bought at :

Price : IDR 35k Each


I read so many reviews about this Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss. Some of them like it, but the other hate it. I'm intrigue to try it myself and decide whether I like it or not.

The packaging of this lip product is just a typical liquid lipstick packaging, there's nothing special about it. It looks similar to Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream but the size is different. Once I opened it, I can feel that the packaging is not sturdy enough. Well, what can we expect from such a cheap product, right?

There's also nothing special about the applicator, it's a standard doe foot applicator. It can do the job pretty well and deliver the right amount of product. One thing to be noted is that I have a hard time putting back the cap into the tube since the cap don't fit perfectly.

Freshly Applied

After Several Minutes

Pigmentation wise, I think it have decent pigmentation. You can see on the swacthes above that Mocha looks more pigmented that the Nude shade. I also think that Mocha have thicker formula compare to the Nude. I have to re-applied the Nude shade over and over again to get the opaque color I want, but with the Mocha I just need one single swipe.

The reason why I chose these two colors is just because they both have a nude vibe, but also have different undertone. You can see that Mocha looks warmer that Nude. They both really good for everyday look.

Here's the swatch on my lips. Nude on the left side, while Mocha on the right side.

One thing I notice when I applied it on my lips is that they dry up pretty fast, which is a good thing for me. But they also leave sticky feeling on the lips. At first I think it happen because they have not dry completely, but I war wrong. It felt so sticky as long as I wear it. I hate that sticky feeling!

For the staying power, It does stay for a LONG time. I'm not kidding, it didn't even budge after I eat or even after taking shower! You really need the oil-based makeup remover to remove it from the lips. Well, they already warned you on the packaging tough~


I think this Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss is just a so so product for me. It's good enough when you looking at the price point, since it is very cheap. It also feels light on the lips, but I hate that stickiness left on my lips. I tried to set it with the loose powder, and even tried to apply another lipstick to get rid of it. The good point for me is they have vanilla scents I always like! I'm not crazy over the staying power since I prefer the comfortable matte lipstick over this kind of stay all day and will never bugde liquid lipstick.

Have you tried this product before?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha^^

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  1. nabi lip gloss ini kayaknya lagi banyak yg ngomongin yah. Tapi keliatannya nggak kaya lip gloss malah kaya lip cream ya? tapi sayang lengket yah.. sama kayak matte lipsticknya la girl. Kalo udah masalah lengket2 udah deh.. nyerah.. jadi nggak nyaman dibibir T.T

    1. Iya lengketnya nggak banget.
      Aku malah belum pernah nyobain yang LA girl karena banyak yg bilang kalau La Girl pahit kalau dipake. Hehehe
      Mendingan beli yang lain deh.

  2. Naksir yang Mocha, Ca! #UdahSihGituAja

    tapi malesnya.. banyak yang bilang lengket -_-

    1. Iya lengketnya gak nyaman di bibir, mendingan cari liquid lipstick lain aja sher~
      Warna yang Mocha emang cakep sih >.<

  3. aku sering liat lipstivk ini di ig tp blm sempet nyoba.
    kepngen juga. anw aku new blog user nih hehe, mampir2 ya :)
    lg belajar ngeriview barang, mohon masukan-masukannya.

    salam kenal!
    Vania clarissa

    1. Halo Vania, salam kenal^^

      Iya emang hype banget lipsticknya, tapi sayang lengketnya nggak ilang-ilang.

      I'll follow your blog right away!
      Let's be friend^^

  4. The color is so nice, lusting over the mocha one! Too bad the formulation is not comfortable to wear hehe, thanks for the review!


    1. Yes it is. I love their huge color selection, but dislike the formulation.
      Thank you for reading^^

  5. penasaran sama nabi ini, maju mundur terus mau beli
    kalo baca2 review sama kayak menow kayaknya apalagi lengket2nya gitu

    1. Aku juga awalnya penasaran, karena warnanya banyak banget.
      Iya, lengketnya nggak tahan. Hehehe.

      Thank you for reading^^

  6. Ah.. Hallo ka Chacha, memang banyak yang bilang kalo mereka cukup sticky tapi soal wanginya gimana ka? Annoying kah? >_<

    Thank you,

    1. Halo Tiara^^
      Seinget aku wanginya nggak annoying koq, malah wangi vanilla gitu :)

      Thank you for reading^^

  7. Hai cha, aku pake nabi yang mauve sama yang natural. dia klaimnya gak luntur, tapi luntur juga kena minyak (gorengan) jadi agak jelek juga sih. terus dia juga susah gitu kalau nggak pake remover...

    nice post

    1. Iya emang susah ya kalo nggak pake remover, malah jadi jelek gitu di bibir.
      Aku sih nggak tahan karena lengketnya itu loh.

      Thank you for reading, Christina^^