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Hi all lipstick junkie out there~
This blog post would be about another lip product :)

I want to give you a review and swatches of Rival de Loop Lipstick in Nude Breeze, Mademoiselle, and Princess.

I actually bought this lipstick once I visited Frankfurt back then, I bought five shade in Rossmann Hauptwache but I gave one to my mother and my sister.

Nude Breeze, Mademoiselle, Princess

Nude Breeze, Mademoiselle, Princess
The lipstick came out with silver and purple color, for me the color combination is cute :)
There are three shades I have, two of them have satin finishes and one of them is glittery.

The pigmentation for Nude Breeze and Mademoiselle are just OK I must say, because it is a satin finish lipstick. The Princess can stay a little longer because the glitter tent to stay in my lips.

Nude Breeze, Mademoiselle, Princess
I love these lipstick because they are not drying my lips whatsoever. I can wear it all day long without hurting my lips. But I do not really like the smell because they have strong smell once they applied.
Anyway, these lipstick are still very good for daily use because they so smooth and glides on the lips perfectly. I was hoping Rival de Loop available in Indonesian drugstore though. hahaha~

So that's it ladies. Thank you for reading and have a good day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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