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Today I will write another post about Emina Cosmetics. Yesterday I wrote a post about their Pop Rouge Pressed Eyeshadow, you can read it here if you want. This time I'll write about Emina Creme de la Creme Lipstick in 02 Emma's Nude.


Product Name : Emina Creme de la Creme Lipstick

Shade : 02 Emma's Nude

Net Weight : 3.8 grams

Bought at : Sociolla.com

Price : IDR 35k


It's another Emina's product that I bought from Sociolla.com, I picked it just because its the only decorative product available beside eyeshadow at that time. Lol~

The product, of course, came with a colorful packaging. The red box is too pretty to be thrown out, I like it and it will stay on my makeup drawer for a long time :p

As always, you can see all the product information on the box. Ingredients, Batch Number, Expired Date and Shade Name all printed on the box.

The lipctick itself came with a white plastic packaging with red lip pattern and product name printed on top of it. The size of the tube is quite bulky for my me, but it's sturdy and can hold the product well.

The funny thing is that the tube have some kind of cap on the very top. You can open the cap and find something that looks like a mirror, but it is not a mirror at all. You can not see your reflection clearly. Confused~

When I swatched it on the back of my hand, it glides on like butter. I have no problem at all once I apllied it on my lips too, the pigmentation is decent for a creamy finish lipstick. But, I have a hard time since it tends to transfer and slip everywhere. It's just too creamy I can't handle it. Well, Creamy lipstick is just not my thing. Lol~


I think this Emina Creme de la Creme lipstick good for anyone with dry lips, IMHO, since it feels like using a lipbalm. Or maybe just for everyone who love lipstick with creamy finish? If you love lipstick more than you love anything, just buy it! Overall, I love the packaging, the price, and the quality of this lipstick. I just don't really like the finish^^

Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. Aku kira aku doang yang dapet benda seperti kaca itu tapi gak guna. Aku jg punya shade ini tp cuma baru swatch di tangan, mau beli yg warna merah soalnya ^^

    1. Iya itu nggak guna banget ya -_-"
      Warnanya bagus2 ya, tapi teksturnya terlalu creamy buat aku :(

  2. lucu juga ya dia ada 'cermin' tapi gak clear gitu haha. finishingnya creamy gitu ya? Belum pernah nyoba emina, tertarik sih sama packaging lucunya cuma ga pernah ngelewatin counternya hehe.
    nice review!


    1. Iya creamy gitu :)
      Aku juga awalnya iseng beli di Sociolla.com soalnya gak pernah nemu counternya Emina disini.

      Thank you for reading and followed me.
      Aku juga udah follow blog kamu :)
      Salam kenal ya^^