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Hi all!
I'm back with another backpacking experience.
This time I'm going to share my vacation in Lampung!

View from Kelagian Island, Lampung

I actually do not plan to have a vacation back in May 2014, but when my friend asked me to join the Lampung Trip, I just said Yes out of nowhere.
It was backpacking trip and I only spend about IDR 300k for this trip.
Seriously, This trip totally cool.

We started our trip using Train from Stasiun Tanah Abang to Stasiun Merak for 3 hours. It costs us about IDR 30k. The train is really comfortable for an Economy Class. We arrived at 3am and then we take a walk to the Port to catch our Ferry.

Seats in the Ferry


It took about almost 2 hours from Merak to Bakaheuni Port in Lampung. Unfortunately I forgot how much I pay for the Ferry ticket. But it was inexpensive I believe. The Ferry also very nice and comfortable. At Bakaheuni, we then have to rent a public transportation to go to Ketapang Port. We pay for IDR 800k (for 13 peoples), and this public transportation will also take us back to Bakaheuni later.

The trip from Bakaheuni to Ketapang took about 6 hours, It make all of us so tired and frustrated. But it is really worth in when we arrived at Ketapang and saw a beautiful emerald sea.




We took a boat from Ketapang to Kelagian Island, we will set up our tent in this island later. But before that, we prepare and change our clothes for snorkeling first. It took about 30 minutes from Ketapang to Kelagian Island.

After we put down our backpack in Kelagian Island, we then go snorkeling. We have three spots for snorkeling around Kelagian and Pahawang Island. We can enjoy a beautiful under water scenery all around the islands.

First Spot

Second Spot

After finished our second spot, we have our lunch in the nearby island. After that, we continue to the last spot. The third spot actually very different, this spot is more calm and have less waves than the first two spots. At first I hesitated to jump into the water, but then I realized it was a veryyyyy beautiful spot. It have so many corals and beautiful fish. I did not want to go home at that time. hahaha~

Third Spot

Me floating in the Sea

Third Spot

We then have to go back to Kelagian Island to set up our tent. It was so hot inside the tent that make me sleep in the 'saung' instead. I can hear the wave singing all night long :)

Where I slept

At about 6 am, we wake up to catch up the sunrise. Again, It is so beautiful. I will definitely come back to this island before I die :p

Sunrise at Kelagian

Sunrise at Kelagian

After watched the sunrise up, we packed our backpack and brought all the beautiful experience home.
Have you ever visited this Kelagian Island?
Share me your story, please.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Bagus - bagus banget Mba Cha.. Kalau kesana lagi aku ikutan dong Mba Cha :))

    1. Iya yas, Bagus banget emang. Oke Oke, nanti kalau ada rencana kesana lagi aku kasih tau yaa :))