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Hi All~
I hope you have a very good weekend :)
This time I'm back with another review about lip product I just re-purchase.
I write a post about this lipstick because I really love it for all time.
So this is it, Nyx Round Lipstick or Nyx Lip Smacking Fun Color.

I really love this lipstick because its creamy texture and so manyyy colors to choose. It seriously sooo manyyy beautiful colors we can choose.

My fave colors
I really like this kind of packaging because I can see the colors of the lipstick directly. I also always like the black packaging for make up product because it looks like very modern and professional. But I also like the cute and girly pinky packaging.

Look at those pretty colors in the tube, I really like these two colors. I like how it glides on perfectly and moisturize my lips very well.

Swatch on my hand

Tea Rose on my lips

Femme on my lips

When I swatch it, I get the exact colors I see in the tube. I was so pretty that I always decide to re-purchase it again and again.

This lipstick have a bad staying power, of course, what can we expect from this creamy lipstick. It is also can be wiped easily without leaving any stain in the lips.

So overall, I think this lipstick is good for daily look because it moisturize your lipstick well. The packaging and the colors is pretty good for an affordable lipstick.

Thank you for reading and have a blast weekend everyone!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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