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Hi again beauty-junkie!

It would be my second post for today, and I dedicate it for MAKE OVER products.
Say hi to Make Over Eyebrow Pencil in Brown to Earth.

As I said previously I am addicted to eyebrow products nowadays. So I would like to try an eyebrow pencil from my favorite make up brand. I bought it in Watson Mall Ciputra Cibubur, the BA told me there are two shades for this eyebrow pencil, in black and brown. Of course I choose the brown one.

The Eyebrow Pencil

This eyebrow came out with a black box just like others Make Over packaging. The box made me can read the ingredients clearly, which is good.

Let's move into the swatch then,

On the back of my hand : One Swipe vs Several Swipe

On my eyebrow
It first really hard to get the color intensity in just one swipe. This eyebrow pencil is less creamy than my HG Etude House Easy Brow Pencil. So I have to swipe and press it again and again to get the full color look. This might be good for those who like hard-pencil type. But I do not really like the texture of this eyebrow pencil because it hurt my eyebrow when I apply it directly. So that, I prefer to set my eyebrow with eyebrow wax first to make it glides on well.

Overall, This eyebrow pencil is just a standard eyebrow pencil for me. I am not a big fan, but not hate it either. I would like to wear it if I need my make up last a little bit longer than usual because the staying power is pretty good.

Have you try it yourselves?
Please share your thought then :)

Thank you for reading.
XOXO - Chacha :)

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