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Today I am writing post about Wardah Everyday BB Cream in Light. I've been using it for about three weeks and would like to share my experience with you~


Product Name : Wardah Everyday BB Cream

Shade : Light

Net Weight : 15 ml

Bought at : Wardah Counter, DanDan Store, Online, Etc

Price : IDR 25k


I bought this product because I run out my Etude BB Cream, then I really want to try Indonesian BB Cream since many of beauty blogger said that Indonesian BB Cream is a good alternative if we want more affordable price and good quality. I almost reach Pixy BB Cream, but the tube size is too big for me.

So I basically picked Wardah because of its small packaging. I actually love when BB Cream came with this kind of small packaging because it's not bulky fit easily into my makeup pouch.

The BB Cream came with box packaging, inside it we can find the tube with Wardah type of green color, I'm not good describing color, I think its looks like aquamarine color. Not sure tough~

We can read the product claim backside the box, we also can found the information about shade, ingredients, batch number, and expired date.

I have a hard time whenever I take the product out since It can be messy with this kind of tube. Just because I can not control how much product I want to use. I always take out too much product :(

Hard to blend :(

When I swatched on the back of my hand, the shade appears too light for me, since my skin is darker on my hand. I must say that the product is pretty hard to blend if I just use a finger. I have to do an extra job just to blend this BB Cream. I recommend using the BB Cream Puff or sponges if you want an easy application.

This BB Cream claimed to have Water Break Technology that will give the extra freshness once applied on the skin. But I don't feel that extra freshness on my face at all. It's just an ordinary BB Cream I guess.

I like the finish of this BB Cream, It give a natural glow finish with light coverage. At first I thought this Wardah BB Cream will give me a matte finish, since this BB Cream addressed for an oily skin type. I must say the oil control is just so so, it don't have a good oil control for my combination face. It is also not makes my pores appear smaller whatsoever~


I think BB Cream did a pretty good job for an affordable product, I love the finish and the packaging. But I don't like the fact that I have to do extra job just to blend the BB Cream, since I always apply any type BB Cream using my fingers. I also have to use face primer whenever I use this product since the oil control is not good enough for my face. Overall, I still use this Wardah BB Cream whenever I want light coverage. If you have normal or dry skin, I recommend this Wardah Everyday BB Cream ^^

Have you ever try this Wardah Everyday BB Cream before?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. Sempet pengen cobain ini tapi akhirnya prefer ke Garnier xD
    Nice post, thanks for sharing<3


    1. Garnier bagus ya? Aku belum pernah coba. Hehe.
      Thank you for reading ^^

  2. wardah bb cream ini banyak yg bilang bagus ya.. tapi sayang oil controlnya kurang dan agak susah di blend ya? harus mengengurungkan niat buat nyoba nih kalo gitu >.<


    1. Iya Oil Controlnya jelek dan di blend susah, harus sabar gitu.
      Aku juga coba karena bilang banyak yang bagus. hehehe

      Thank you for reading^^