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Hello ladies~
I'm back with another post. I will share my tought on our local eyeshadow base.
It's La tulipe Eye Shadow Base!

At first, I don't really want to bought it since I still have my other eyeshadow base. That time I visited DanDan Store to look for Sariayu Eyebrow pencil, but unfortunately they didn't have it. Then I look this tiny thing on sale and just grab it without any tought. So here I am, writing my post about La Tulipe Eye Shadow Base. Lol~


Name : La Tulipe Eye Shadow Base

Net Weight : 0.09 oz / 2.5 g

Shelf Life : Doesn't have a shelf life information. Best Before March 2021.

Bought at : DanDan Store

Price : IDR 25k (on Sale)


The product came on white plastic packaging, it also have transparent plastic with La Tulipe printed at the top of it. It's just a simple packaging to store the product. The product sealed with plastic and have many information around it. Such as : Manufacturer, Ingredients, Barcode and Halal Sticker. On the bottom we can see the POM Number and Expired Date.

When I opened the seal, It's just looks like a balm, like a lip balm. Which make me confused since I don't want to use a balm on my oily eyelid :/

It does have scents, but I can not really describe it. I smell some powdery scents with some tangy scents (?) I don't hate the scents, but I don't like it either.

I swatch the product on the back of my hand, and it is really feels like a balm. Meh! You can see on the picture below, it looks oily and doesn't have any color.

I keep telling my self that I didn't like the product once I swatched it, but everything changes once I apply eyeshadow on top of it. It really makes my eyeshadow looks brighter and intense. In the picture below, I use my Lorac Get Hot Eyeshadow. The eyeshadow is pigmented enough even without eyeshadow base, but it became more pigmented on to of La Tulipe Eye Shadow Base.

As for the staying power, I can say that it last for about three to four hours in my oily eyelid, I found some part of the eyeshadow crease but not so bad :)


I rarely choose La Tulipe Brand since I do not like their packaging most of the time. But I do love their lipctick because the good quality. Surprisingly, I also like their 'oily' eye shadow base on top of my eyeshadow collection. It might not be the best eye shadow base we have locally, but it can hold my eyeshadow in place and It's enough for me. At least I still can use it for my daily makeup routine.

Have you try La Tulipe Eye Shadow Base before?
What do you think?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. Kayaknya aku paham deh rasanya soalnya aku pernah coba lip baln buat jd eyeshadow base heheh, harganya murah juga ya :D

    1. Rasanya aneh gitu kan. Hehehe. Iya murah banget emang^^