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I'm back with another post and this time about our local makeup brushes :)
I'm so excited writing this post since I love this brushes so much!

Have you ever heard about Lamica Beauty? Because I just heard it recently from Sarah Ayu's Youtube video. By the way, I love her makeup video a lot! At first, I don't believe that Lamica Beauty is our local brand, since the design so premium. Turns out it is our local brand and it makes me proud :')


Product Name : Lamica Beauty Concealer Brush (125), All Over Eye Shader Brush (201) and Blending Brush (214)

Bought at :

Price(s) : IDR 50k or 60k for each brush


So one day I browse looking for some local product that I can bought online. Then, I found that they have Lamica Beauty Brush on their website and decided bought some eye brushes to try. I picked Concealer Brush, All Over Eye Shader Brush and Blending Brush.

They came about two days after I replaced the order online, which is quite fast. I also love how Sociolla wrapped the brush, it is safety and neat :)

I opened the package and realize that Lamica Beauty really have a great packaging, no wonder they called it premium brushes. Every brush came with plastic box packaging with a rectangle box as the holder. I love the packaging, love the design, OMG I just loved it.

Each rectangle box have the brush name, number and their function. They also have the information about the bristles, what material they use for each brush.

The brushes itselves really soft and comfortable to use, every brush can do the job pretty well. I personally love the Blending Brush so much! It perfect for brlending eyeshadow and any harsh line whenever I contour my wide nose. You can blend your eyeshadow just like a pro with this brush.

I usually use the Concealer Brush to apply concealer all over my face and also to clean up my eyebrow with concealer everytime I want that sharp and structured eyebrow. The All Over Eye Shader Brush is too big for my preference, but It does good job for setting eyeshadow base with skintone eyeshadow before I slap any dark or bright color in my eyelid. It also makes applying eyeshadow so much faster with its big size brush.


When it comes to Makeup brushes, I always want they as affordable as they can get. But I also want they have a good quality, and will not break out after I wash it regularly. This Lamica Beauty Brushes are really a good alternative if you looking for affordable brushes with good quality. Moreover, it's our local brand and you definitely can get it easily. I really love it and sure will try their Other Brushes as well :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. wahh, kelihatannya brush nya soft banget ya :O
    Nice review :D
    Salam kenal, Chacha^^

    1. Halo Mei, salam kenal juga ^^
      Iya emang soft banget brushnya :)
      Thank you for reading

  2. lamica brush ini brand local yg lagi hype ya! keliatan brushnya soft banget dan packagingnya yg elegant. Nice review kak ^^

    1. Makasiii^^

      Iya lagi hype. Tapi sekarang harga brushnya jadi pada naik gitu -_-"