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Today I will share my tought about LT Pro Longlasting Matte Lip Cream in shade 03. I actually heard about this product from my friend, Shinta. She said she like it because it smells like cookies. That day, I went to DanDan store directly and bought one for me to try.


Product Name : LT Pro Longlasting Matte Lip Cream

Shade : 03

Net Weight : 0.27 fl.oz / 8 ml

Shelf Life : It doesn't have shelf life information, Best Before August 2019

Bought at : DanDan Store

Price : IDR 95k


It's another matte liquid lipstick from our local brand, don't you feel proud? 'cause I'm so proud with our local cosmetics brand nowadays. I just can't believe that they finally follow the trend of matte liquid lipstick. I love matte lipstick more than other kind of finishes, so I'm so happy to know that I can bought one without having to place an order online and wait couple days for it.

The liquid lipstick came in clear plastic tube and silver cap. I don't have the packaging, but i'm not love it either. I think it's nice to see the real color directly from the clear tube. Actually, I'm not a fan of any kind of sleek and plain packaging. Lol~

When I open the plastic seal, turns out the ingredients printed on the plastic seal but the other information such as Product Name, Batch Number, Expired Date and POM Number printed directly on the tube.

The applicator just some common applicator we used to see in any kind of liquid lip product. It can pick up the product well and decent. It's so sturdy and did the job really well.

I love the scents so much, it have a vanilla cookies scents to it and I just can't get enough smelling it. Hahaha. I picked this shade because it's a nude color obviously, perfect for everyday makeup look, but if you more into bold color, they have another seven other colors to pick.

I can say that the LT Pro Longlasting Matte Lip Cream have almost the same texture with Sariayu Duo Lip Color Matte. But this one feels more light weight and set dry pretty fast after I applied on to my lips. Once it sets, it will not transfer at all and stays along time.

Here are the swatches for your references :





Inside the Car

Inside the Car after three hours


I love this product so much. I love the pigmentation, staying power, and the fact that it is our local product. I believe the only complain I have is because it became super dry on my lips after three hours, I also love the fact that it came with affordable price with a lot product. So if you love matte liquid lipstick and support our local product, you have to try it!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
XOXO - Chacha :)

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  1. Banyak banget yg suka sama ini ya.
    Waaa aku belum kesampaian juga mau beli ini, bingung mau no.1 /4/8. Please jgn bilang beli semua aja heheh.

    1. Nomor 8 bagus, Dira. Aku pernah swatch testernya trus suka. Tapi sayang nggak ada stock. Ayo beli, nanti aku tunggu reviewnya. Hehehe

  2. Di Sherly, yang nomor ini pucet gilaaaaakkkkkkkkk~ mending yg nomor 06 Ca kalo gw :'D


    1. Gue belum pernah coba yang nomor 06. Malah naksir yang nomor 08. Hahaha^^